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JevaEngine JevaEngine

The source code repository for JevaEngine can be found at the following GitHub Project Page.

JevaEngine is currently under very early development, and the source code is still being conditioned for user contribution.


  • Pure Java Implementation. No native dependencies, maximizing cross-platform ability.
  • Fully Scriptable in JavaScript, including entities such as Scenes, Items, NPCs, etc…
  • Centralized Server Networking Implementation for Online RPG Games.
  • Networking is cleanly isolated from the engine, allowing for various networking models to be implemented seamlessly.
  • JevaEngine provides a skinnable GUI subsystem including several general components.
  • Basic particle engine for attack\heal\projectile effects.
  • Fully capable & scriptable quest & dialogue system.
  • The engine is very extensible and modular.
  • Map Editor
  • Dynamic lighting and scriptable weather subsystem
  • Powerful debugging console - very powerful user interface via scripts to engine. Both through the console and entity configuration files.

How to Contribute

  • You can contact the project administrator (Jeremy. Allen. Wildsmith) at JeremyWildsmith@yahoo.ca
  • You must sign and agree to the CLA (Contributor License Agreement) here. the contributor license agreement allows JevaEngine developers (and the user-base of JevaEngine) to use your contributions to the project under the GPLV3 license.

How to Compile\Use

JevaEngine is fairly straight-forward to compile. As JevaEngine uses Maven as its build platform, the project is very portable accross various IDEs and dependency resolution is very easy. You can read a short guide on how to setup JevaEngine here.

You can find some decent quick-start guides on the project’s wiki page.